Cargocan Logistics Inc.


Our modern facility consists of a heated warehouse for climate control, with approximately 44,000 square feet of storage space, consisting of bulk and pallet racking for the safe and efficient storage of our clients’ products. We have 4 dock level loading doors for cargo handling, and 1 ground level door for the handling of  bulk storage items. Our building is equipped with a complete sprinkler system as well as a state-of-the-art, sophisticated security system that links directly to local law enforcement.

Utilizing a wide variety of handling equipment we can accommodate all types of cargo requiring inside storage. We offer a fully certified, segregated, vented hazardous commodities room which can accommodate all dangerous goods with the exception of Class 1 explosives.

Outside storage space is also available upon request.

Our in-house customized computer system provides cargo receipt, inventory control by date code and lot numbers, order picking, and shipping to final destinations as required by the client. We can also accommodate client owned computer systems for direct order processing and inventory control.

We offer over 100 combined years experience in the warehousing business and are qualified to effectively ensure safe and efficient handling of all types of cargo. As a public storage and distribution facility we offer our clients a fixed pricing schedule which includes numerous variable costs such as labor and equipment, clerical, building maintenance and utilities.  We offer logistics support to your sales force as they continue to develop your products in the market place.  

For companies requiring a presence in Newfoundland, Cargocan Logistics Inc. is your choice for a one-stop warehouse and distribution facility.