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Cargocan Agency Limited was founded in 1992. The foundation of Cargocan is based on the concept of providing a professional and complete logistics experience and using vast industry knowledge to respond in the best possible manner to clients’ transportation requirements.

Cargocan is a leader in transportation and logistics solutions and are proud to have developed many partnerships globally which allow us to arrange, negotiate and fulfill all logistical needs to the benefit of the end customer.

In 2015, Cargocan Agency Limited was purchased by the Icelandic company Eimskip. This has allowed Cargocan to continue to grow and benefit from being a part of the company’s network as well as from the different facilities Eimskip controls & owns worldwide, without any changes in regards to strategy, activities and daily management of Cargocan itself.

For further information on Eimskip, kindly refer to www.eimskip.com or contact our commercial/general management team.